For commercial projects such as hospitality, F&B, commercial, healthcare or civic buildings, we have curated a selection of creative solutions for all furnishing requirements. Below are our foremost brands offering high stock levels and contract pricing.

Symphony collection faux leather and stain-resistant furnishing textiles


Furnishing textiles, wall coverings, acoustic and custom printing


Fire retardant drapes and furnishing textiles


Pleated fabrics


Textural furnishing fabrics


Image Credit: OVOLO WOOLLOOMOOLOO. Architects: Hassell Studio Image Credit: Edmund Bell Image Credit: Termolst contract-high-performance-fabric Image Credit: Supreen by Nassimi

Performance Upholstery

When it comes to both aesthetic and functional design for contract projects, innovation and technical advancements are changing the landscape, exciting times.  We are particularly lucky to have suppliers dedicated to revolutionising these spaces, whether hospitality, F&B, commercial or hospital care.

Upholstery fabrics for projects can have many constraints, such as extreme resilience, stain repellency, stock levels, an excellent price and, increasingly, sustainability. Plus everyone is looking for new designs, unusual colours and interesting textures. Inherent within BODE’s DNA is to seek out such inspirational yet highly practical products:

Termolst in Belgium make fantastically textured fabrics in extensive colour palettes. They can add stain resistance and fire retardancy at a very low cost. Plus they have sustainability accreditation. Some designs can be woven in bulk within just two weeks

Materialised can print your designs, perhaps it is just a texture, on to contract grade fabric bases, and they do it fast.

Nassimi, from the USA, has a growing collection that is vibrant, textural and user-friendly. Fabrics are treated with Resilience TX, which is more than just a regular stain repellent finish. Thread structure, fibre combinations and textile constructions are optimised to create durable, stylish weaves and velvets that will last for years. Nassimi consistently pushes form and function to drive performance.

> Abrasion Resistance to 100,000 double rubs

> Pilling Resistance

> Seam Strength of 40 lbs. or higher

> Stain Resistance


Commendably, Nassimi keep great stock levels and can ship fast.

Image credit: Materialised, Design: McNally Architects Slide Image credit: Edmund Bell

Commercial Curtains and Blinds

For high-performance commercial curtains and blinds, we have a number of solutions. In business for over 160 years, Edmund Bell, from the UK, are experts in fire retardant fabrics, suitable for both commercial and domestic use.

They specialise in inexpensive blackout, dim-out and curtain linings with great texture and colour options. Many of their fabrics are stain-resistant and fire-retardant, with their dim-out fabrics also absorbing sound. All come with extensive certification and offer technical support for projects.


Image credit: PAC: The Terraces. Drapery: Reilly & Associates / Designer: Gilmore Interior Design

Acoustic Fabrics and Sheers

From the ever-innovative Materialised, come the Hush sheer and roller blind fabrics. Offering a simple, effective and inexpensive solution to noise control, without the need for specialised paneling, Hush absorbs more sound energy than any other sheer fabric.

They specialise in inexpensive blackout, dim-out and curtain linings with great texture and colour options. Many of their fabrics are stain-resistant and fire-retardant, with their dim-out fabrics also absorbing sound. All come with extensive certification and offer technical support for projects.

Image credit: MONASH UNIVERSITY. Design: Sibling Architecture / Client: Monash University / Photography: Christine Francis

Customised and Patterned Designs

If you are printing bespoke designs it is vital that you use a reputable supplier experienced in commercial fabrics. Materialised in Sydney, Australia are just that: since 1980 they have been manufacturing fabrics and wall coverings. Their fabrics are tough and fire-resistant. Materialised were early adopters of digital printing.

You can either, provide your own designs, select from suppliers like getty images, or Materialised’s in-house design team will help you develop your design.

Do check out some of their case studies: here.

Recently Materialised launched “WeaveUp”, a world-first digital design library. One can shop from tens of thousands of customisable designs:

  • Manipulate colour, scale and repeat
  • Choose from over 40 base cloth fabrics including sheers, drapery and upholstery
  • Request A4 printed samples and share images

And they are fast – using state-of-the-art high speed digital printing, they are capable of printing 5,000,000 metres in a year.


Image Credit: Nassimi, New York Eatery, Photography: Nick Solares

Faux Leather & Vinyl

Synthetic leather, artifical leather, leatherette or pleather, most are either PVC (polyvinylchloride) or Polyurethane. And for many it is difficult to tell the difference between real leather and the copy, Nassimi’s ‘Vintage collection’ even has a ‘pull-up’ like a real leather.

Image credit: Bart Halpern

Pleated Fabrics

Inspired by architecture and fashion, the Bart Halpern Textile Collection embodies colour, texture and various densities of transparency. You can source the plain base cloth and a pleat design to match. Pleats add dimension to your furniture, drapes and walls, they are architectural, luxurious and beautiful. Bart Halpern focuses upon the hospitality industry and many are fire retardant and priced for larger projects.

There are literally thousands of options, from velvets, to sheers, to linens and iridescent fabrics, and combined with multiple pleat styles, a Bart Halpern fabric will make a dazzling impact for your projects. Different backings on the fabrics are chosen according to usage, such as one specifically for gluing to walls, or no backing on day curtains.

To see more visit Bart Halpern’s website here


Photo courtesy of: Materialised


It is vital that we seek sustainable solutions, however, navigating which are going to be the best fibres, free from toxins and on budget for your project, is complicated. Our suppliers’ unique know-how in the development of materials, textures and new ideas, means we are constantly making strides in innovation. However, our mission continues, to find and present increasingly environmentally progressive products for our customers.

Ter Molst has made huge strides, they have certified that all fabrics are completely free from harmful substances, verified by their Oeko-Tex, Class II accreditation. Their fabrics are skin friendly and harmless to humans, animals, and the environment.

Materialised’s print process is dye-based sublimation heat transfer that uses virtually no water (normal printing uses a lot of water). They also believe that the durability of their inherently flame retardant polyesters, with requirements for less detergent and easier cleaning, far outweighs the negative aspects of this synthetic product. Polyester lasts 3.3 times longer than cotton for example, plus growing and manufacturing cotton is incredibly harsh environmentally.

Image credit: Yi by Jeremy Leung at Raffles
Interior Design: Aedas Interiors
Image credit: Atlas Bar Interior Design: Hassell Studio

Restaurants & Bars

We have extensive experience in providing inspirational design solutions for a wide range of food and beverage specialists. Our unique combination of durable inexpensive products, with more flamboyant and luxurious designs – and even plush water-resistant cotton velvets – positions BODE perfectly for the rigours of bars and restaurants.

Real and faux leathers are ideal for seating, with the real thing always preferable but with cost considerations.