With Materialised virtually everything is possible

The phenomenally innovative Materialised open-up a world of design possibilities, all modified to fit your space. Using a superior technology, they print design, at speed, onto a large variety of base cloths.
For pattern design, you can select from Materialised’s extensive libraries, modify designs, commission, or create your own. And they have an in-house design team to help.
From velvets to sheers to wall vinyls to dimout and even waterproof fabrics, they have multiple solutions to print onto.  Here we profile three case studies where design has been either created or modified for the project and used for wall-panelling.

Yi Restaurant by Jereme Leung,
Raffles Hotel Singapore

On the third storey of Raffles Hotel is ‘Yi by Jereme Leung’.  Yi offers the very best in contemporary Chinese fine-dining. Designed by Aedas in Singapore, the interior takes the guest on a wonderful sensory journey. After entering through a garden tunnel, guests are greeted with the main dining hall. A series of plaster ceiling sculptures create a blanket overhead, reminiscent of the varying shades of the sky. A refined yet humble palette of natural materials like marble and timber brings the earth concept to life.

Aedas chose ‘The Cranes’, an iconic Florence Broadhurst design, and Materialised re-coloured the pattern to a beautiful blue grey.  It was then printed on fire retardant textured fabric and upholstered to the walls. Like modern chinoiserie artworks ‘The Cranes’ add a fresh elegance.

Shortlisted for Restaurant & Bar Design Awards; Ahead Awards; International Hotel & Property Awards 2020.

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The Team & Credits:
Interior Designers / Architect: Simon Thompson (Executive Principle) Ji An (Associate Director, Design Lead) and Susan Abraham Aedas Interiors; Craig Watkins (Snr Associate) Aedas
Client: Katara Hospitality
Photographer: © Owen Raggett

Fabric wall panelling adds grace and softness in this historic room.

Operable walls with a dose of spice
Ovolo Hotel, Woolloomooloo, Australia

Iconic Sydney terraced houses give a sense of place

Ovolo Hotel is vibrant, energetic and cosmopolitan. By adding illustration to the operable walls Hassell Studio was easily able to, enliven and freshen this space.

Hassell Studio provided the original artwork, inspired by Paddington terraced houses. Materialised scaled and fitted to the areas, and it was then printed onto Zircon linen, which was then pasted to the walls. Consideration needs to be given to the fabric so that glue does not penetrate and Zircon is perfect.

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The Team & Credits:
Designer: Hassell Studio
Procurement: Cairncross Martin
Operable Walls: Dorma Materialised
Team: NSW and QLD

Printed wall vinyls add the pizzazz
ANZ Bank Sylvia Park, Auckland, New Zealand

Large-scaled vegetation adorns pillars in The ANZ Bank. The brief from the bank was to create six designs starting with Level 4 to Level 9. These were to reflect ‘Growth’ and were named ‘Cultivate’, ’Nurture’, ‘Grow’, ‘Thrive’, ‘Flourish’ and ‘Established.’

This extraordinary design is uplifting for both the ANZ Bank's customers and staff adding dimension to their brand.
Each floor is unique and the design is extended to other spaces within the bank.

Thus Materialised commissioned designer Shannon Cheung of Typoflora to illustrate the artwork for this project. These were printed onto a robust and attractive wall vinyl called Sandy Bank. Implementation was a challenge as the pillars were not straight and varied in size, thus fitting and matching the design was imperative.

This ‘lush’ result is visually powerful and fits perfectly with a New Zealand aesthetic and enjoyment in natural beauty.

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The Team & Credits:
Project Managers: Black Interiors Architects: Warren & Mahoney, Auckland
Designer: Shannon Cheung, Typoflora Wallpaper Hanger: Wallflowers
Photographer: © Sam Hartnett Materialised Teams: NZ and NSW

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